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Download our printable menu – Pancake Kitchen Menu

  • All alcohol to be served with a meal
  • Corkage $5.00 per bottle


$8.00 Irish Coffee

Coffee served with whipped cream and a measure of Irish whisky

$8.00 Crown Lager

$7.00 West End Draught/VB/Coopers

$4.00 Glass / $8.00 Half Carafe / $16.00 Tall Carafe Red or White Wine

$20.00 Bottle Bubbly Wine

$8.00 Vodka Cruiser (assorted flavours)

$8.00 Stolichnaya Lemon Ruski

$7.00 Lemon Lime and Bitters

$9.00 Spirits

Bacardi, Rum, Scotch, Bourbon, Brandy, Vodka

$8.00 Alcoholic Cider


$3.50 Cup / $4.00 Mug Cappuccino / Flat White / Café Latte

$4.50 Mug only Mocha

$6.00 Vienna Coffee (with or without milk)

$3.50 Cup / $4.00 Mug / $6.00 Pot Tea

Plain, English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe, Peppermint, Earl Grey, Lemon Scented, Green, or Chamomile Tea

$4.50 Chai Latte (vanilla or spiced)

$4.00 Hot Chocolate

A delicious milky hot chocolate

$6.00 Marshmallow Cocoa

A steaming hot chocolate topped with home made marshmallow

$6.00 Vienna Chocolate

Milky Hot Chocolate finished with a dob of whipped cream


$7.00 / $7.50 with Malt Swiss Shakes

Not really a milk shake but not a thick shake either. Our special blend with your choice of flavour - Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Caramel or Lime

$5.00 Regular / $6.00 Enormous Iced Coffee

Freshly brewed coffee, chilled and served with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar

$5.00 Regular / $6.00 Enormous Iced Chocolate

Refreshing milky drink with ice-cream and our own chocolate sauce and cream or try one of our other delicious flavours

$5.00 Regular / $6.00 Enormous Iced Mocha

A blend of iced chocolate and iced mocha

$6.00 Lemon-n-Lime Soda

Lemonade, ice-cream and lime

$6.00 Regular / $7.00 Enormous Fresh-N-Fruity

Blended to order from fresh fruit in season

$4.00 Regular / $5.00 Enormous Orange Juice, Apple Juice or Pineapple Juice

$6.00 Smoothies

Banana , Strawberry

$4.00 Regular / $5.00 Enormous Apple Cider

$3.50 Soft Drinks – Assorted Cans

$4.50 Iced Tea – Assorted Flavours

$3.50 Bottled Water

$5.50 Sparkling Water

Kids Drinks

$3.50 Can of Soft Drink – Assorted Varieties

$4.00 Wonderland Iced Chocolate

A mini sized iced chocolate made especially for kids. One scoop of ice-cream in a glass of milk and topped with our own homemade chocolate sauce

$4.00 Snow Drop

A small glass of milk with a scoop of ice-cream and delicious caramel topping

$4.00 Caterpillar

A small glass with lemonade, lime topping and a scoop of creamy ice-cream

$4.00 Dutchess Juices

A small glass of either apple or orange juice

$4.00 Dinah Iced Strawberry

Mini sized Iced Strawberry especially for kids. A milky drink with ice-cream and strawberry topping